Business support

Members benefit from free support services

Practically oriented – a partnership of equals

Thanks to our many years of experience, business networking and academic ties, we build sustainable partnerships with young entrepreneurs.

Technopark Luzern offers companies an all-embracing package: from assistance with entrepreneurial issues or legal matters to strategy coaching and investor searches. And thanks to our versatile partners, members of Technopark Luzern benefit from numerous free services.

Launching a startup

Are you establishing a startup and looking for a suitable location? If so, take advantage of a free and non-obligation consultation. We can refer you to the right people when it comes to launching a startup.


We offer companies domiciled at Technopark Luzern what we call “scale-up support” – free business support and our bespoke strategy coaching – in order to help them get to the next level.

Finding investors

Technopark Luzern’s partner organisations – foundations, private funders, business angels, venture investors and financial institutions – are a gateway to exciting financing opportunities.

Operational support

Offering businesses an all-embracing package of office and support services, Technopark Luzern has been domiciled at the D4 Business Village in Root/Lucerne since its earliest days. Members can also take advantage of postal, telephone and reception services, to name but three.

Comparing notes and networking

Our members benefit from a business community of like-minded individuals, who are only too glad to pass on skills and experience. This networking helps members avoid making expensive mistakes.

Finding a location

Central Switzerland with Lucerne makes an ideal business location: the quality of life is high, the tax rates low and the geographical location enviably central. Technopark Luzern benefits from excellent transport links and is easy to reach.

Win-win situation for members:
Business support, room portfolio, networking and location advantages

We look forward to answering your questions!