Finding investors


Healthy financing is key to the medium- and long-term success of a startup. Businesses domiciled at Technopark Luzern benefit from our large network of partners with capital providers such as foundations, private financiers, business angels, venture capitalists and financial institutions.

If you need third-party capital, we will help you prepare the necessary documents and act as a door opener to suitable investors.

Although successful financing is no guarantee for the long-term survival of a company, startups – especially those in the technology sector – need financial resources to overcome the infamous early-stage “valley of death”. That is why every successful financing round at Technopark Luzern is a cause for celebration. Recent years have seen capital providers invest more than CHF 50 million in businesses at Technopark.

Stiftung zur Förderung von Neuunternehmen

Domiciled in Root, the Stiftung zur Förderung von Neuunternehmen (SFN) [Foundation for the promotion of new enterprises] aims to champion new businesses as well as SMEs through the provision of coaching and financial assistance during their launch and development phases. It does so by providing advice on the preparation of project documents.

Financing assistance comes in the form of small loans.

Would you be interested in obtaining assistance from the SFN? You can apply by email:

Access to investors

As in so many areas of business, a good network is worth its weight in gold when it comes to financing. Technopark Luzern has just such a network – one that is growing year on year. Read on to find a selection of our partners who help us and our startups land the funding they need.

In search of third-party capital - a case study

Not every startup is dependent on outside capital. Provided the sums involved are moderate, the initial lean period can be overcome by means of “bootstrapping” (founding and building a company from personal finances or the operating revenues of the new company). But this is the exception for technology-driven companies.

Many need investors to support the company at the appropriate time with funds. Read the case study produced by Ticketino AG’s founding team here.

In search of outside capital

As founders of Ticketino AG, Patrick Walgis and I have invested a great deal of time and money in developing the first self-service, 100% internet-based invitation and ticketing platform. After…

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