Printolino GmbH – individual photo artwork made to measure.

The development of digital photography makes it possible to produce photo prints, posters and framed photo artworks from the comfort of your own home. Printolino GmbH has dedicated itself to these new opportunities. The Printolino internet portal sets new, attractively priced standards in the field of image enlargement.

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Werner Müller

Managing Director Printolino GmbH

Anyone looking around the photo print market will quickly notice that a new form of image enlargement is establishing itself – the canvas image, involving a digital photograph printed on a canvas. This new form of image enlargement is the brainchild of 50-year-old Werner Müller, who founded Printolino GmbH at Technopark Luzern in May 2007. On its on-line portal, a digital picture can be transformed into a photo work of art with a few clicks of the mouse. Anyone who talks to Werner Müller about Printolino soon realises that knows a lot about all aspects of business. After training as an engineer HTL, he spent 20 years as the managing director of a printing company with 30 employees. He is proficient in several programming languages and earned an MBA from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2005 with his thesis on “Internet-based digital printing”. “Printolino combines my experience in the graphic arts industry, my interest in the internet and my enjoyment of art.”

Synergies at Technopark Luzern

When Werner Müller talks about his internet portal, his entrepreneurial passion is palpable: “My goal has always been to have very lean processes, and this portal makes that possible.” Werner Müller ascribes this to his affiliation with Technopark Luzern. It was here that he came into contact with the internet and network specialists at Nexanet GmbH, who programmed Printolino GmbH’s online portal. Although he only uses high-quality material and offers his customers maximum creative freedom, Printolino is highly competitive in terms of price. For Werner Müller, this is the result of the systematically structured workflow and lean processes.

Great potential at home and abroad

Asked how he came up with his business idea, it transpires that even in today’s modern business world, not everything is the result of entrepreneurial calculation: Werner Müller points to the wall to the right of his office desk, where a photograph taken by his wife hangs, printed on canvas. Wanting to have the photograph printed on canvas and mounted on a stretcher frame, he realised that the effort and cost for a personal item of photographic art were disproportionately high – his business idea was born.

“My aim was always to have very lean processes; the portal makes that possible.”

Today, Werner Müller is more convinced of his idea than ever: he wants to expand abroad with Printolino. He is currently improving and expanding the range and exploring novel avenues. One example is the Printolino picture gallery, where customers can upload their pictures and make them available to others. When an order is placed, the author receives a commission of five percent.