Segetis AG: investor relationship management as a service.

An application from Segetis enables companies to efficiently manage their investor relations.

The latest revision of company and accounting legislation comprehensively modernises corporate law. Based on the new legal basis, Segetis and AdNovum have developed the SisValor Professional share register software, thus pioneering the management of shareholder data. Once a company opens its annual general meeting in SisValor Professional, shareholders can order an admission ticket for it or issue proxies and instructions via The company, for its part, can obtain daily information on which investors have registered for the meeting using this channel. SisValor Professional is currently the most up-to-the-minute tool for organising general meetings under Swiss law.


SisValor Professional: secure application service based on Nevis.

A cockpit for shareholder management

The application fulfils all legal requirements for a share register and supports investor relations with a variety of additional functionalities.

SisValor Professional manages shareholder data, maps daily transactions and capital transactions and offers various query and evaluation options for the data pool via the SisValor cockpit. Query results and data can be easily and conveniently downloaded to Microsoft Office products (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) for further processing. By means of an electronic interface to SIX SIS, the clearing and settlement system for securities transactions, SisValor Professional also enables registration and deregistration in the share register and supports AREG Data, the standard used by leading banks for the electronic transmission of shareholder data.

Raphael Gassmann

Executive Director Segetis AG

Highest security standards

Requirements in terms of IT security are particularly stringent in the financial sector and are evolving with huge dynamism. Consequently, investments quickly become obsolete and new sector-specific solutions and updates are constantly required. Segetis has opted for an actively configurable and flexible solution based on Nevis, rather than a rigid standalone system. The solution is based around nevisProxy, a secure reverse proxy; nevisAdmin, a management application for its administration and monitoring; nevisAuth, an authentication server; nevisIDM for user administration; and nevisLogrend for the custom design of the login screen.


The result of the development is a state-of-the-art internet application featuring the highest security standards (128-bit SSL encryption) and high-performance database technology. The clearly structured user interface and user-friendly menu navigation make it extremely easy to use. Needing no software installation, SisValor Professional can be operated from any PC with a current internet browser such as Firefox or Explorer and is available around the clock, 365 days a year. Companies can use SisValor Professional as an application service in exchange for a volume licence corresponding to the number of their shareholders. Segetis operates the application in-house on virtualised servers. A separate database is maintained for each client or participating company, and separate reports with custom requirement configuration are provided.

Transaction-oriented licence model

AdNovum has developed a new transaction-oriented Nevis licence model specifically for SisValor Professional. This is adapted to the business with SisValor and scales with the success of the solution. This finds AdNovum underscoring the strategic importance it attaches as a technology supplier to cooperation with cloud computing providers. A number of banks and a logistics and forwarding company with an international presence have become users of SisValor Professional. In addition to expanding its customer base, Segetis plans to extend the solution’s feature set to enable companies to, e.g. send their AGM invitations electronically.