Systemfive at Technopark Luzern: dynamic growth in the fast-moving IT services market.

Regardless of the sector or branch of industry, modern working life without IT is unthinkable. So IT systems have to work flawlessly at all times – errors and faults, viruses and trojans, lost files and spam can severely disrupt processes and lead to production downtimes. it follows that companies devoted to ensuring trouble-free IT operations are in demand as never before. Systemfive AG is one such specialist.

Systemfive Logo

The personnel of Systemfive AG: l to r back: Kurt Scherrer, Dominik Scherrer, Isabelle Scherrer, Martin Zimmermann, Roger Kirchhofer, Mathias Moser, Adrian Barone, Daniel Bucher; front: Sandro De Bortoli

Systemfive’s business activities focus on solutions. The company does not develop products, but concentrates on outsourcing, consulting, organising, engineering and operating IT infrastructures. This involves working closely with the client to provide customised solutions for very specific requirements. “Every job begins with a detailed analysis of the IT infrastructure and the client’s requirements. This allows us to understand his needs, develop a suitable concept and deliver exactly what he expects,” explains Managing Director Kurt Scherrer.


Virtualisation is the order of the day

Clients evidently place a great deal of trust in Systemfive, since many of them outsource their entire IT infrastructure to the company. In the process, all the client’s core services are transferred to Systemfive’s data centre. A well-coordinated team manages the applications and data and ensures maximum security and availability. At the same time, the client’s IT infrastructure is virtualised, thus eliminating physical server systems and the associated maintenance and operating costs.

Kurt Scherrer

CEO Systemfive AG

One advantage of this virtualisation scenario, alongside the cost savings, is the flexibility in the allocation of resources. The sustainability of this line of business can be illustrated with a few figures: a recent migration using virtual servers saw the number of physical servers reduced from 58 to 8.

Clients in Switzerland and abroad

Systemfive’s activities are not limited to the domestic market: “From the word go, we have focused on our international business, which we are systematically leveraging. Our clients include medium-sized companies as well as large corporations with global interests.” The company impresses with its technical know-how – Systemfive’s staff are all IT professionals with a broad background of working in all areas of IT – as well as its commitment and motivation.

”Our core team consists of five individuals who fulfilled a long-held dream by founding the company. The commitment to the company is accordingly high, and this really motivates the rest of the team. Our clients quickly become aware of the spirit that characterises our corporate culture,” says Kurt Scherrer.

Ms. Erika Stutz, Head of Finance and Resources at the Intercantonal Police School in Hitzkirch, attests to the high level of customer satisfaction: “We are pleased to have Systemfive as a dynamic and professional partner. The services we receive are customer focused, and the terms offered are excellent. I see our cooperation with Systemfive as an important milestone in terms of introducing innovation to our ICT area.”

“Our growth is dependent not on the market, but on the availability of qualified specialists.”

Growth depends on sourcing IT specialists

Systemfive wants to expand: the market is has not stopped growing, and high-quality IT services are a sought-after commodity. So everything would be just fine, were it not for a shortage of IT specialists: “Good professionals are in short supply, and demand is correspondingly high. Our growth is dependent not on the market, but on the availability of qualified specialists – preferably with a dash of idealism,” says Scherrer soberly. Going forward, he is banking on TECHNOPARK® Luzern boosting Systemfive’s chances of recruiting potential staff: they will find an environment here that is highly innovative and future-oriented.